How adidas’ innovations defeat challenges in Sportswear are delighted to inform you that the 3 Stripes of adidas will, once again, grace the improved user interface offered on our newly relaunched website

In this blog post, I’m going to explain the technologies adidas use to enhance the performance of their products, review a range of your teams potential match Jerseys and give you some insight into why we’re delighted to be working alongside a market leader in our industry.

Adidas incorporate four unique sport technology system into their products, each with their own performance enhancing qualities, designed to defeat challenges in Sportswear one by one…



Climacool technology is the use of a combination of performance fabrics, designed to provide a two way system. This is thanks to integration of open mesh and ventilation channels placed strategically around the garments. These encourage cool air flowing through to key heat generating areas, while allowing sweat and heat to escape the material, therefore keeping you cooler, drier and more comfortable.


Condivo 16


Price Colour Schemes Technology Fit Material
From £27.00 5 Adizero/ Climacool Slim 100% Polyester

One of the premium match jersey’s from adidas. Featuring the iconic 3 stripes running vertically up the side of the garment and employing both Adizero and Climacool technologies combine to provide a super lightweight and quick drying match jersey.

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Shop Condivo 16

Striped 15


Price Colour Schemes Technology Fit Material
From £18.00 9 Climacool Regular fit 100% Polyester, Interlock,

The Striped 15 has a more middle of the range price tag but still offers a broad choice of vibrant colour ways and is available in both long and short sleeve. The three stripes sit across the top of the shoulders and fade into a block of the primary colour of the jersey. The shorts recommended from this Jersey are the the Tastigo 15.

Shop Striped 15

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Campeon 15


Price Colour Schemes Technology Fit Material
From £27.00 5 adizero/climacool Slim fit 100% Polyester, Interlock,

The Campeon is another premium offering match Jersey and one of our favourite designs from the adidas range. It features a stylish fading colour scheme, which transitions from the main colour to the secondary colour towards the bottom of the Jersey, with a horizontal lined pattern running along the chest.

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Regista 16


Price Colour Schemes Technology Fit Material
From £13.50 5 climacool/drydye Regular fit 100% Polyester, Interlock,

The Regista 16 is a stylish, practical and ethically produced match Jersey, which oozes adidas’ quality. The Jersey features a diagonal colour contrast panel across the midriff, giving the jersey a contemporary look. The Regista Jersey also comes with corresponding match shorts which feature the same diagonal  pattern, completing a coordinated match kit.

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Shop Regista 16



Climalite has been adidas’ flagship technology for several years now, and has been integrated into a wide variety of products ranging from shoes to match jerseys. Climalite uses light, breathable fabrics and deliberately designs their products to maximise contact with the skin. The material used helps to conduct heat and sweat away from the body, keeping you cool and dry in warm conditions.


Estro 15


Price Colour Schemes Technology Fit Material
 From £9.00 20 Climalite Regular 100% Polyester,
Mock eyelet,

The Estro comes in at the lower end of the price range, with prices from an incredible £9.00. It comes in 20 colour schemes meaning a huge variety of choice for all clubs. The iconic three stripes run from the collar to the top of the arm creating an unmistakable, professional appearance and offering excellent value for money.

Shop Estro 15

Squadra 13


Price Colour Schemes Technology Fit Material
 From £11.25 11 Climalite Regular 100% Polyester,

Squadra 13 match Jersey boasts a modest price tag and comes in 11 vivid colour schemes which makes it an ideal entry level jersey for Grassroots teams. The Jersey also has complimentary match shorts to complete a professional looking and technically superior match kit at a price that is within reach of all teams.

Shop Squadra 13



This system represents a “design Philosophy” according to Adidas, and its”tale of the tape” for want of a better phrase has it weighing in at up to 4o% less than previous Jersey’s. You might well ask; how have Adidas done this without compromising on quality? Well, they’ve lost weight from the cuffs, the collar and the main body of kit has been made with a new, woven lightweight fabric, they’ve even printed the badge as oppose to embroidering it on!

For all these cut backs in quantity of fabric, I’m guessing you would like assurances that the fabric remaining does more than just distinguish you from the opposing team? The fabric used has been tailored to provide a superior fit. Through being slim fitting it accentuate the benefit the fabric offers, such as the additional ventilation and the sweat wicking qualities.



Climawarm technology has been designed to create an insulating system to help athletes train in all weathers. Products benefiting from this innovative technology are made from lightweight, breathable fabrics. Crucially however, the fabrics used, while still being lightweight, are woven in perfect equilibrium – trapping warm air while still allowing sweat to escape through evaporation. This is vitally important as sweat can be very detrimental to the bodies efforts to keep warm post workout, this technology makes this range of products ideal for a variety of uses; from warming up in, to keep warm after exercise or simply keeping warm through cold winters.


adidas savees

A pinnacle of success in corporate responsibility and an achievement in Sportswear innovation in itself. DryDye technology is a unique Polyester fabric dyeing process that reduces the typical water usage from 25 litres to dye a single jersey, to 0. This is achieved by ditching water as the dye medium altogether, instead the dye in injected directly into the fabric using compressed carbon dioxide, sounds cool right?

After each cycle of dyeing, the carbon dioxide is gasified which causes the dye to condense and separate, allowing the clean carbon dioxide to be pumped back into the dyeing vessel and recycled.

adidas first introduced this technology to the market in 2012 and, in the following 2 years saved the planet 100,000,000 litres of water. adidas have so far only implemented this technology into their apparel range, however this year they plan to introduce it to foot wear and continue on their award winning work, to help benefit future generations.

This years adidas range has truly surpassed all our expectionations. With exciting modern designs such as the Campeon 15, to designs that embody classic adidas match wear style, such as the Tiro 15. From match kits to an extensive range of training and leisurewear, adidas’ 2016/17 range caters for a wide range of sporting needs at a range of prices, meaning that the legendary 3 stripes are within reach of all…

To view the full 2016/17 catalogue – click HERE

To view the full adidas match kit range on – click HERE

To view the full adidas training wear range – click HERE 


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