Nike Catalogue review 2016


Its that time of the year again,where teams of all levels wait with baited breath for the release of the annual Nike team kit catalogue. Here at Kitlocker it represents one of the most exciting and challenging times of the year for us, as we juggle and negotiate our customers of all sizes, from professional to grassroots clubs to find them their prefect kit. The beauty of Nike team wear is whether you step out to 20 or 20,000, whether you play for thousands a week or for the pint with the lads after, your uniform is the same.

Our favourite match kit from the range can be appropriately reviewed and perfectly personified by the athlete modelling it in the catalogue, arguably one of the most in-form strikers in the world this season, Robert Lawandowski. Unfortunately my manager viewed this as somewhat of a cop out, so we’re going to have to dig a little deeper into it…

The Striker IV features an iconic design that reflects kits cemented in footballing history. The design of this match shirt is minimalist, with only one shirt in the range incorporating more than 3 colours into its design, and has an undeniably ‘old school’ feel about it.  The jersey has the feel of a shirt that is paying tribute to an entire era of Football shirts, and if this was the aim, it fulfills it impeccably.

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The shirt features sewn in colour contrasting around the neckline, shoulders and the bottom of the sleeves; all except for colour way safety orange/black/white which features contrasting sleeves. The jersey incorporates a v-neck design which provides a nonrestrictive fit, while patented Nike Dri-Fit technology moves moisture away from the body to help keep you dry and comfortable. Made from 100% Polyester for a lightweight, quick drying shirt that allows you to push yourself to the limit.

Striker IV

The Striker IV offers all the technical benefits as the rest of the range, but this is not why we love it. We love the shirt for the legacy it embodies, with its striking similarities to some of the most iconic kits of the 20th century, bought together with the most modern and innovative technology in Sportswear.

Begin to write your own legacy in the Striker IV HERE.

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Park VI

Another favourite from the 2016/17 range, after much debate around the office is the Park  VI. The Park VI will undoubtedly be a top seller this year for a number of reasons. Firstly, it comes in 15 dynamic colour ways meaning it offers the widest choice for all clubs. Secondly, its a classic, a part of Nike’s market leading teamwear range for 6 years and they say class never goes out of fashion. We see the introduction this year of two brand new colour schemes (the Volt and the Jersey gold), which though the design has changed very little year on year, provides testament to Nike’s desire to continue to improve their products for teams of all levels.

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 The specification for the Park VI is of the standard that customers have come to expect from Nike. The Jersey itself is made from Polyester which coupled with Nike Dri-Fit technology offers superb moisture management.  The neckline was designed with comfort in mind and features a nonrestrictive ribbed, crew-neck fit. The sides of the Jersey utilise Dri-FIT mesh side panels designed for maximum ventilation and breath-ability helping you to keep cool no matter how much pressure you’re under.

This shirt will be seen throughout all levels of Football this season, offering a huge choice of colours and a wealth of technical benefits to make this shirt one of the must haves for the season.

View the Park VI HERE


The Gardien Goalkeeper Jersey is a more advanced goalkeeper Jersey, featuring a brand new design for 2016/17. Coming in three dynamic colour schemes that provide a stand out visual aspect designed to daunt even the most composed of strikers.

The Jersey features a Raglan sleeve, a style of sleeve which is characterised by extending the material fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from the underarm to collarbone. This gives the garment a less restrictive fit and therefore providing an all important increased range of motion. The side of the jersey is tapered (gradually reducing in thickness) from the hem to the armhole, coupled with the crew neck nonrestrictive collar to provide you with the most comfortable fit possible. The Gardien comes in both long and short sleeve to suit all preferences. Dri-Fit technology has of course been included to round off one of our favourite goalkeeper Jersey’s to date.

The Gardien will be available in July/August for the new season.

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Academy 16


The Nike Academy 16 range is the epitome of all that we have come to expect from Nike’s extensive training wear ranges. The range features six products all designed with the athlete in mind, offering a range packed full of technical benefits, in a range of vibrant colour schemes to suit all teams.

Training top

TS1617_Ftb_Laser PR Jersey_Nemar_back_centre.jpg

The Nike academy 14 top is a multi purpose offering with both technical and design features to make this a must have for 2016/17.

The top features Dri-fit Polyester fabric to wick sweat away from the body and helping you to keep cool and dry. Mesh chest and back inserts have been incorporated again for the comfort of the wearer, designed to increase both the flow of cool air around the body as well as increasing ventilation to let heat escape from the body. The Academy 14 training uses a crew neck design which provides an excellent unrestricted fit, allowing you to maximise your mobility to perform at your full potential.

The training top features a stylish colour contrast strip across the the chest to add a a dimension of style to the product. Coming in a wide choice of 7 colour schemes to suit all tastes and preferences. With a modest price tag of £15.99 and available with 25% off on, could this be the training top for 2016?

View the training top HERE



The Academy 14 Midlayer is a versatile and highly functional piece of training wear from Nike. Offering adaptable comfort and coverage with Dri-fit technology to help keep you cool and comfortable.

Ideal for warm ups or retaining heat after matches, the Academy 16 Midlayer will undoubtedly be one of the most popular items in the range this year. This years Midlayer boasts a superb fit thanks to the 1/4 length zip, which provides a more adjustable fit for superior comfort as well as maximising the performance benefits of the Midlayer. The 1/4 Neck zipper also comes with protective guard which reduces irritation under the neck helping to minimise any potential distractions while training. This also provides an added bonus for bearded folk, who’s beard being caught in the top of their zipper is the bane of their life!

View the Midlayer HERE

Andrea Pirlo, this is your Midlayer…

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Tech Pant

A re-engineered classic for 2016/17.

Introducing one of Nike’s most popular products from the 15/16 range, redesigned for the new season and now back better than ever.

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The Tech Pant this year feature all the usual aspects of the specification you would expect from Nike. Made from soft, sweat wicking Dri-FIT material to providing both a comfortable fit and performance benefits. Zippered side seam pockets provide secure storage for valuables while an internal elasticated waistband offers an adjustable fit. The Pant also features a tapered leg, which uses a more fitted design towards the bottom of the leg which makes you more aerodynamic, using more fitted material also reduces the weight of the pant another factor, which was noticeable from the first second of putting them on.

CR7-Tech-Knit-1 (1)

The Tech Knit Pant returns formidably like a tenacious centre back you just can’t shake off. With an impressive technical specification and weight reduced to make the pant more high performance than ever before, will we see this training pant surpass the greatness of its predecessor? Only time will tell…

View the Tech Knit Pant HERE

Team Winter Jacket

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It might be the time of year where during work hours you find yourself drifting off into day dreams of pre-season friendlies on glorious sunny afternoons, followed by warm evenings in beer gardens watching the Euros… However, as inevitable as water logged pitches and taxes, Winter will come back around…

The Team Winter Jacket and a cold touchline in Winter are somewhat of a poetic match made in heaven, they go together impeccably  – like Football fans and denial. After performing phenomenally from sales perspective in 2015/16 and gaining universally positive reviews, its little surprise that we see the Winter Jacket featuring once again as Nike’s key winter jacket.

The Jacket is made using Nike Storm-Fit technology, this system combines ultrafine, microfibre polyester coated in a highly breathable laminate to provide complete protection from water and wind. The technology is exclusive to Nike and products has been designed to  keep you dry and comfortable from the inside out, with moisture escaping out but unable to permeate, clever right…


The Team Winter Jacket comes with a thick insulation layer which provides excellent low profile warmth, while the breathable technology helps to stop you over heating. The hood on the jacket is detachable to allow more adaptable warmth and protection from the elements, if and when you need it. Made from 100% Polyester so it remains lightweight despite its protective elements.

The number one choice for coaches, players and spectators alike, the kind of coat your mother will be delighted to see you off to school wearing and you may even not hate it as much as other coats. Thanks to the classic Nike style and high specification for a variety of purposes, we undoubtedly expect this Jacket to dominate touchlines, stands and everywhere in between.

View the team Winter Jacket HERE

Team Referee Jersey

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Something for Referee’s now, Nike have surpassed themselves in our opinion with their referee match wear this year. The stand out changes to the range this year, for me, are the colour ways. They offer a unique balance between visibility and style, while the colour schemes chosen are vibrant and exciting, they stop short of being garish. The kits are far from dull, but they also also provide a touch of class and sophistication expected of a referees kit, in order for them to command respect on the field.

Sometimes as a Referee you need all the help you can get…

The Team Referee Jersey of course features patented Dri-FIT technology to keep you cool and dry to keep up with the action. The Jersey has large pockets on the chest, with a hook and loop closure device to securely store any equipment you could require during the match. Mesh inserts on the back and arms aid ventilation and breath-ability to ensure you keep a cool head when that big decision presents itself. Flexible tape on the sides and underarm help to create a fluid garment that moves with you, while a two button placket offers you customised ventilation.

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Team Match Fit Core OTC Sock

A professional match day fit, knee length knitted sock which incorporates a performance foot bed which provides multiple benefits. The foot bed of the sock fits anatomically meaning the cushioning has been engineered to reflect the differences in the right and left feet. This design feature helps to maximise the effectiveness of other aspects of the sock, such as the performance foot bed, where these effects will be more profound. The sock comes with an built in support for the arch of the foot, which provides the following benefits:

  • Helping to reduce pain after long training sessions
  • Can provide support which can help alleviate pain and reduce further injuries
  • Help to increase balance

Our favourite pair of socks are available in a wide variety of colour schemes, they all features horizontal linear stripes along the back of the calf which compliment the dynamic colour ways on offer.

Vibrant referee’s socks for 2016/17

View all Nike referee’s kit HERE

Nike’s catalogue for 2016/17 is the definitive guide to Footballing success,  built for Brilliance no matter what level. From the grandest stages watched globally, to handfuls of proud die hards watching their beloved children and grandchildren. Brilliance has no definition in Football, and Nike’s catalogue for 2016/17 allow brilliance to be within reach of all. 


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