An Introduction to Reece Australia


Reece Australia is one of the 4 brands we’re introducing in conjunction with the launch of our new e-commerce platform. Reece describes itself as a multi functional sportswear and casual fashion brand, however, over the past decade Reece has grown into an international specialist in Hockey products.

This international recognition in the Hockey community has been continually reaffirmed through a variety of sponsorship deals. Reece signed their first in 2013 with the Belgium Hockey Association, this was followed just a year later with a second partnership coming from the Czech Hockey Federation. Reece’s latest sponsorship deal is a collaboration with the German Hockey League, which will include the next two Olympic games, cementing Reece’s position as a leading brand in the international Hockey community. So while they do provide a casual range and cater for other sports, we’re going to jump straight into what Reece do best…


Reece RX-130

The Reece RX-130 is a top of the range Hockey stick; it is synthetic – made from 90% Carbon and 10% Kevlar. This stick uses premium materials designed for technical superiority, using a mix of Carbon and Kevlar provides exceptional power thanks to its tough exterior. However, despite this being a comparatively strong stick in the range, the choice of materials used means that the stick remains lightweight.  The 130 also features an extra long grip, providing you with the advantage of being able to alter your grip or distance between your hands easily, to give you more control over the ball.

The bow on this stick is right at the top end of the upper limit of Bow size length, at 24.7mm of a 25mm upper limit. This size of Bow offers player’s scope to utilise techniques such as the slingshot effect, an accomplished skill, which if executed well, can allow the ball to leave the stick at a faster speed than the stick is travelling.

This stick, I would recommend as being ideal for an experienced Hockey player, who is capable of exploiting the wealth of technical benefits it offers.

To buy this product, click HERE

Mesh Elite Shin and Ankle guards

The Mesh Elite Shin and Ankle guards’ offers comprehensive protection to the likely areas of injury endured during a game of Hockey. This product attempts to mitigate these high  risk areas by providing both a hard scale shin protector, as well as additional protection around the ankle area. The Mesh Elite guard is specially designed to fit anatomically, meaning that the guard has been designed to fit with the shape of your leg in mind. An anatomical fit is vital in a product of this nature as they perform best molded around the legs of the wearer, providing the maximum area of protection. The product also features a detachable inner lining, which helps keep the guard clean and hygienic in between uses.

To buy this product, click HERE


Baselayer long sleeve shirt

The Reece Australia Baselayer long sleeve shirt is a product that embodies Reece’s innovative and multi-functional approach to product design. This Baselayer provides 3 key benefits to the wearer; moisture management, muscle compression and temperature regulation…

Moisture management

Moisture management is provided by the combined use of Polyamide and Elastane, which work together to provide the wearer with a range of benefits to enhance performance. The Baselayer design has incorporated strategically placed areas of sweat wicking fabric, which helps to lift sweat away from the skin and onto the Baselayers surface where it then evaporates. This technology helps to keep the wearer cool and comfortable throughout the duration of their workout. The use of Elastene makes the Baselayer tight fitting, which maximises the effectiveness of this technology.


Muscle compression

Muscle compression is a second key benefit of wearing a Baselayer, and can be felt both during and after exercise. The effect of muscle compression can significantly reduce the build up of lactic acid in the body, thereby reducing stiff and sore muscles commonly experienced after exercising, this then looks to speed up overall recovery time. Baselayers also help to reduce more serious injuries by keeping the muscles compressed. This significantly reduces your risk of injury, particularly during sports which require a quick turn of pace.

Temperature control

A good Baselayer should help you to maintain an optimal temperature, regardless of the conditions you’re exercising in.  In cooler weather a Baselayer benefits you by helping to keep your core muscles warm, which is something that is vital for maintaining optimum performance, while minimising risk of injury.

On warmer days, this Baselayer will help you keep cool though its sweat wicking qualities, helping you to feel cooler and removing the added weight that a damp jersey retains.

To buy this product, click HERE


Elite Fashion Half Finger Glove

The Elite Fashion Half Finger Glove offers added protection for your fingers, to alleviate some of the associated risks in the sometimes ferocious game of Hockey…

The glove offers protection from impact for all 4 fingers, while keeping your thumb free to allow you to adjust your hand position adequately, in order to fully utilise different techniques.  The inner hand is made from leather, which gives the product a high quality feel and superb grip, while ventilation holes to increase the flow of air and keep your hands cool. The upper hand receives protection in the form of a large plastic cap, which acts as a barrier to impact. The glove also features an adjustable Velcro strap at the bottom of the glove to maximise comfort for the user.

To view this product, click HERE

Why Reece will work well for your club

Reece Australia are an excellent example of a superb up and coming brand, and one which we are delighted to be bringing to you in this exciting phase. Reece have a big year coming up in 2016, with their sponsorship of the German Hockey league inclusive of the Olympics in Rio. This exposure on a global stage means there is no better time to buy Reece, at the very least, to look cool when sat watching the Hockey in the same gear as the stars of the Sport!

But more importantly their range is extensive, their designs are dynamic and are created with a slight rebellious side. boast live stock feeds and host a strong working relationship with the brand, resulting in the maximum amount of information available to make an informed purchase.


 Reece are a brand that are quirky, cool and exciting. More importantly however, in the coming years they have the potential to grow into a leading brand in the global Hockey scene, be the first to wear them!


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