An introduction to Stanno and some of our favourite products from their range

Introducing Stanno…

Stanno is a Dutch brand that launched its first collection in 1997. The brand quickly gathered fame through its innovative goalkeeper gloves, which they designed in cooperation with top level European goalkeepers at the time. Stanno however, is about more than just outstanding goalkeeper gloves; they offer a wide range of team wear clothing and equipment, and are an iconic grassroots brand across the UK! We wanted to showcase a number of our favourites from their range…

Forza Jersey

forza-action-shotforza black

The Forza shirt comes in at the lower end of the respective price range at a modest £14.99 RRP for adult sizes; however this very affordable price tag is far from reflective of the quality of this garment. The Forza is an excellent entry level jersey, available in a nice, basic range of colour schemes, offering a wide range of choices to suit all club colours. The design features on this jersey are subtle, with a contrasting colour around the neck line of the garment, offering an understated, professional look. This Jersey also features the trademark Stanno stadium logo, rapidly being seen more and more throughout all levels of Football, on both arms. The garment is crafted from 100% Polyester making it lightweight, while maintaining strength and durability that make it an ideal fabric to compete in. Our favourite colour scheme for this Jersey is the black-grey.

To view the Forza jersey, click HERE

.black red blue white dark and yellow dark blue blueforza redfroza blue yellow

Toronto Jersey

           toronto aqua

At the other end of the price range, we have the most expensive women’s shirt in the range, the Toronto.  Still at a far from outrageous RRP of £20.99, this Jersey is packed full of design features, and is built using superior quality fabric to ensure unquestionable value for money. The jersey is made from Stanno Climatec fabric, this fabric is designed to be comfortable, warm and lightweight. It has also been specially engineered to transport sweat away from the body and to the surface of the fabric; this keeps the wearer comfortable in all weather conditions.  The design of this Jersey is superb, the colour scheme incorporates a 3 way contrast through the different panels and piping, while the Stanno stadium logo down either side gives the Jersey a proud, bold feel. These logos sit on top of the two built in mesh panels either side of the Jersey where most heat is produced. These two panels help to provide maximum breath-ability and provide the most comfortable fit possible.  Our favourite colour scheme of this Jersey is AquaBlue-Black.

To view the Toronto Jersey, click HERE

green and blackorange and blacktononto reddark green torontotononto yellow and bluetoronto whitetoronto dark greemdark blue toronto

Riva Microjacket full zip

micro jacket green black

The Riva Microjacket Full zip is an ideal Sportswear jacket whether it’s for your warm up, for cooling down in or for tough training sessions, this jacket has design features to offer you a range of benefits to suit multiple uses. This jacket is unique as the differing colour schemes have slightly different designs, making this a versatile, stylish range of jackets with something to suit everyone.

This range is not without its showcasing of Stanno’s technical prowess though, starting with the fabric used in the design being 100% Ripstop-Polyester, an extra durable fabric that remains lightweight despite its strength.  The jacket also features two mesh side panels below the armpit to maximise ventilation and help keep the wearer cool and comfortable.

The jacket comes with a print opening into the mesh lining which means the jacket is suitable for print and embroidery, making it an ideal training jacket for sports teams or societies. This scope for customisation offers clubs the chance to portray an image of professionalism and unity. The jacket also features two side pockets with zippers to allow you to securely store items without fear of loss, allowing you to remain animated and focus your full attention on the game. The jacket comes with Stanno embroidered on the right hand shoulder, as well as the Stadium logo printed on both sleeves. Our favourite colour scheme for the Riva Microjacket is black-bright green.

To view the Riva Microjacket click HERE

micro jacket black blueriva yellow riva white riva red riva purple

High Impact Goalkeeper Socks

If there’s one thing that stood out to me in the product demonstration by our Stanno sales rep, it is the confidence he had in the Stanno range of Football socks. His certainty that the socks were the best on the market was infectious and having tried a pair for 90 minutes I could hardly blame him…

While the entire range follows a fairly similar make up in terms of materials, the pair I have chosen to test and review are the high impact goal keeper sock. This is because they are the pair that made the boldest statements of value, and therefore were the pair I was most intrigued to see if they lived up to expectations.

The socks are made from what Stanno describe as a ‘revolutionary’ mix of 70% Polyamide 20% Polypropylene and 10% Elastane, this blend of fabrics gave a fantastic fit. The product boasts of having extra stretch on the front side to allow for shin guards, this was very noticeable as the fit was excellent especially over shin guards (something which I had found somewhat of an annoyance with other socks). Perhaps the best thing about these socks from a goal keepers point of view is the unique triple quilting reinforcement system. This system provides extra protection from shock and impacts around all keys areas of the leg: the Calf, the Achilles tendon, the Malleolus and the Ankle. These are all areas susceptible to injury to all footballers; however goal keepers are particularly at risk due to the continued impact of diving. Tests have shown that this triple quilting system can reduce injuries by up to 50% – a very bold claim!

The sock also features a padded, ultra comfortable heel and sole, which minimises pressure on key areas of the feet, which can become painful after a long game or training session. They also boast a flat seam stitch around the toes which help avoid chaffing in this high friction area of the foot. They also come with an anti slip system on the top and sole of the foot to maximise comfort and minimise the distraction of your socks slipping down during play.

In summary the Stanno sock certainly, in my opinion, delivers all the benefits it promises. I have little doubt that over the course of a season, wearing Stanno socks, a player would notice a clear reduction in injuries and discomfort, as I had after just one game. Our favourite colour scheme of the High Impact Goal keeper’s sock is light Green and Black.

To view the High Impact Goalkeeper socks, click HERE


Stanno are a company who reciprocate our passion for team wear, they place huge emphasis on the importance of teams and the powerful emotions in sport. These emotions are symbolised in the logo of Stanno, the stadium is the brand’s symbol, the emblem, the ‘club crest’. Stanno say the stadium is a place of legend, where home meets away and the underdog becomes the champion. A place where strategy meets speed and where strength meets technique. That’s what the Stanno stadium stands for: moments of glory. Stanno strongly believes everyone, every team, can experience moments of glory.

Stanno aims to transmit the love of sports through products that meet the Stanno design philosophy: “Function, Form and Attitude.” For Stanno product is King. The brand Stanno stands for honesty, trustworthiness and above all the importance of those defining moments of glory shared with your team mates.

We hope after this introduction that you are keen to explore more of the Stanno range, we are bringing you the full Stanno range on our new and improved e-commerce platform. This has been designed to offer our most user friendly experience yet, and is packed full of features to make shopping online with us easier than ever. We are also proud to be bringing you fantastic discounts on the full Stanno range of up to 25% off RRP, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions regarding Stanno or any of our other brands via telephone (0845 521 3124), email: or via Facebook or Twitter.

To view the full Stanno range, you can click HERE


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