Supporting Sport – An interview with Bronte Jones, a Kitlocker sponsored athlete

Bronte Jones


Hi, my name is Bronte Jones I am 15 years old, I go to Westfield school in Sheffield I have always enjoyed sport from a very young age however I came across throwing (athletics) about 3 years ago. My sister is a sprinter and I was bored one day and did shot put at school that week so entered myself to pass some time on and I won it, so from then on I’ve never looked back! I found out about Kitlocker off friends who play football saying about it, they said that it was a good company and would probably offer me kit because I am at a reasonably high level. I got in touch and they were so nice and offered me some kit to wear at competitions! I love wearing it!


Bronte after breaking a championship record

1) How do you find managing your time between school and competing in a competitive standard of sport? Is it difficult to delegate your time between training and school work?

I do find it difficult balancing school work with my sport especially because the busiest time of my season is in the exam period. As I love doing discus I always want to put it first however, I know that I can’t always put it first because my school work is more important! I usually take my work/revision to training with me, next year I go into y11 so I will find it a lot more difficult.

2) You recently came 3rd in the English Championships and only missed out on 2nd by a fraction of a centimetre, how did this result make you feel? Are you motivated now come back stronger for your next competition and improve on this already phenomenal result?

I was a bit disappointed because I only just missed out on the chance to represent England at an international match, but at the same time I was really happy because I got a personal best and came 3rd. It has made me more determined, I competed in the northern league two days after and threw a metre further which would have put me second and that was when I was tired so I know there is more to come. Like I say I was a little disappointed, but when I look back I could have done a lot worse. Looking at the positives I have got the chance to compete for England in September which made me extremely happy.

bronte 3

Bronte after her fantastic performance at the English Championships

3) What are your long term aims and dreams for you in athletics? Do you one day dream of competing in the Olympics?

Yes! Of course that is my dream as is it every other athletes dream however, you have to have stepping stones / smaller goals in order to reach your final dream. Firstly, I hope to go to the world youths which I am working towards in three years and then hopefully compete for seniors in international competitions and then the Olympics which would be at least 5-9 years from now

We are delighted to be able to support such a fantastic up and coming athlete. Bronte’s season has finished now, but she ended on a high competing for England in the Sainsbury’s school games and finishing second! We hope to bring you more stories of success next season and congratulations to Bronte once again on a fantastic set of results.


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